Perfect Stocking Stuffers: New Renu-it Power N’ Go & More (Under $25)

In search of the perfect stocking stuffer? For under $25 dollars, these picks are sure to excite throughout the holidays! 

For the Mobile Phone Enthusiast: Renu-it Battery Mobile Device Charger

For the person who can’t seem to get off their phone, the Renu-it Battery Mobile Device Charger is the perfect solution for dead cell phone batteries.  The Renu-it Battery Mobile Device Charger not only charges your mobile phone but charges (regenerates) up to two AA or AAA batteries. Perfect for on the go or traveling!


For the Tech Savvy: Zmart Remote PRO

 With the new Zmart Remote PRO, you never have to see a remote control again. With an advanced IR Code Database the Zmart Remote PRO can program nearly 200,000 devices from the convenience of your Smartphone. Control devices such as TVs, DVDs, VCRs, Home Theater, Blu-Ray, Cables boxes, and receivers with this powerful, affordable, portable device.




For the Health Conscious: SonicPulse Toothbrush

The SonicPulse Toothbrush is a revolutionary toothbrush that utilizes sonic vibration to clean teeth gently and completely. With two speeds to get the job done, this unique toothbrush cleans teeth at 40,000 vibrations per minute!



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