New Products on Viatek Site: Strong Arm Universal Mount

The StrongArm Universal Mount attaches to almost any smooth surface and grips almost any device with a few simple pumps of its state-of-the-art ForceLock Valves. Using airlock technology similar to that found on submarines and spacecraft, the pumping creates negative pressure between the suction cup ends at the contact surfaces. The air is forced out, resulting in a strong vacuum that holds without clamps, clips or sticky pads. To detach, simply press the valve and the suction lock is released for easy removal.





Additional Features:


  • Instantly mount or remove devices for convenient use
  • Easily detach to flat surfaces
  • Requires no adhesives or tools
  • Pivots 360 degrees to adjust for optimum viewing/operation angle

Use with your Phone, GPS, or Tablet


Phone: Mount your mobile phone to all your desktop surfaces for easy access.



Tablet: Mount your tablet to your desk or countertop for effortless multi-tasking projects. 



GPS: Mount your GPS to your windshield for easy viewing while driving. 



For more information on the StrongArm Universal Mount, please click here


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