Viatek to Launch MYBoom & ITREX at 2015 International CES!

The International CES Show is finally here and Viatek Consumer Products Group is pleased to announce the launch of  two new electronics, the iTrex and MYBoom

The new year can be hectic. With the help of the iTrex you no longer have to worry about losing your keys or luggage! iTrex is the perfect tracking device for anything, everything, and everyone you want to keep safe and sound. Ideal for pets, children, tote bags, backpacks, sporting equipment, luggage, briefcases, key rings, wallets, purses, and more! Simply attach the lightweight iTrex tag to your valuables and download the app! Smart tracking technology works based on the parameters you set within the software, alerting you when you need it and never when you don’t! Featuring Cloud Technology, Bluetooth 4.0, Remote S.O.S activation the iTrex is light years beyond basic lost-and-found style trackers! 

In conjunction with the launch of iTrex, Viatek is excited to launch MYBoom, a portable Bluetooth speaker that is so small you can take it almost anywhere! Perfect for streaming music or hands free phone calls, MYBoom requires no batteries or plugs and charges via micro USB. Available in a variety of colors including yellow, white, blue, green, and pink! 

For more information, please visit:



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