With record breaking numbers at this years International CES, it might have been difficult to check out all the latest tech and gadgets! So, in case you missed us, I would like to give you a quick re-cap on some of the newer items Viatek launched at the show!
Calypso: The Calypso RX is a device that relieves pain by combining advanced electrical stimulation therapy with wearable, FDA-cleared class II medical technology. As Calypso RX blocks pain signals, gentle pulses penetrate deeper into your body, helping to improve circulation and boost the body’s natural heeling and recovery process.
MYBoom: A portable Bluetooth speaker that is so small you can take it almost anywhere! Perfect for streaming music or hands free phone calls, MYBoo, requires no batteries or plugs and charges via micro USB.
***CES FAVORITE!!!!!!!
: With the help of the iTrex, you no longer have to worry about losing your keys or luggage! iTrex is the perfect tracking device for anything, everything, and everyone you want to keep safe and sound! Ideal for pets, children, tote bags, backpacks, sporting equipment, luggage, briefcases, key rings, wallets, purses and more! Simply attach the lightweight iTrex tag to your valuables and download the app! Smart tracking technology works based upon the parameters you set within the software, alerting you when you need it and never when you don’t
SOCKET DOCK: The Socket Dock is the convenient cord-free universal charger with a charging dock right on top! You can have multiple appliances plugged in and still charge your phone in any room of the house! The exchangeable adapters on top allow you to swap out any adapter and charge all different varieties of phones, tablets, e-readers, and more! Adapters easily store in back!
POCKET JUMP: No more jumper cables! Jump start your vehicle without leaving the driver’s seat with Pocket Mighty Jump! The Pocket Mighty Jump is also a portable power bank that you can use to charge your portable electronic devices via USB port! Take it camping, traveling, to work, or anywhere you would need to charge a device where there’s no power source!
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