Viatek to Launch Calypso RX the Discreet Portable Pain Relief Device at 2015 International Home + Housewares

Sore muscles?
Luckily, Viatek has developed the Calypso RX, a discreet and portable pain relief device. The first of its kind, it uses technology previously only available to doctors for use at medical clinics. Calypso RX is the only device to generate gentle, dual action pulsed direct current (DC) to disrupt the pain-spasm signals the human body sends to the brain.
Additionally, Calypso RX’s pulsed DC penetrates deep into the muscle and tissue, improving circulation at the source of the pain, to boost the body’s natural healing and recovery processes. Its industry exclusive 8-hour nighttime treatment program works while you sleep, and no other device on the market provides the dual benefits of Calypso RX.
Calypso RX is perfect for relieving back, knee, leg, and elbow pain, and a host of other aches, soreness, and strains. Both professional and amateur athletes have found it effective in helping to heal the body between workouts, while senior individuals enjoy the relief from muscle and joint pains.
To see these item in action at the International Home + Housewares Show, please feel free to visit Booth L11357. ​
For more information or to obtain a sample, please contact! Or visit:

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